3D Illusion Maker, Mirascope Optical Illusion, Parabolic Hologram Magic Toy with Lady Bug, 6" Kids Magic Kit

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The 3D Illusion Maker uses a parabolic mirror to create a holographic image contribution an amazing 3D optical resolution, with startling precision and clearness. The 3D mirascope takes small objects and uses a visual optical illusion to make a 3D holographic projection. The mirascope includes a plastic lady bug to display and complete instructions for use. Objects can be changed easily for a diversity of unbelievable effects.
To create a hologram just open the top half of the optical illusion dish and place a small object in the center of the bottom mirror. Close the top cover and the see the hologram appear right in front of your eyes. The 3D mirascope mirrors create a floating holographic image that looks real but you can’t touch it.
Challenge your children's imaginations and recommended for ages 6 years and up. You can place a lot of small objects, such as coins, small models, easily change the items to get different unbelievable effects. The mirascope is perfectly sized for a desk or tabletop. This mirascope can be given as a magic toy gift to children.

Size of 3D Illusion Maker: 6 Inch

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