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Kinetic Art Perpetual Motion Executive Desk Toys - Color Balls

<b>LEARN SCIENCE AND EDUCATE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOURSELF AT THE SAME TIME with this kinetic art motion toy.</b><br><br> Perfect for home decor and executive desk toys. This kinetic desk toy is great to use in any home or office desktop or tabletop as a decorative showpiece or as a fun desk toy.<br> Perfect for use as a stress relief toy. Watch the galaxy go round and round to relax and get relief from daily life anxieties and stresses. This motion toy will amaze you and at the same time provide relaxation from during stressful times.<br> There is something about perpetual motion desk toys that are simply mesmerizing. These motion toys seemingly power themselves using kinetic energy, which results in a motion that can easily become hypnotic.<br><br> Whether you are thinking of getting your children a toy as a gift or something simply because you love them, you can never go wrong with a <b>perpetual motion toy</b>.<br><br> Our kinetic art desk toys are good for relieving stress and developing willpower even when you are just sitting there doing nothing.<br> This kinetic desk toy provides you with a boost of happiness or entertainment while at work. Having something special which is entertaining and fascinates you can give you a boost of creativity to drive your work forward.<br><br> <b> Use 4 AA Batteries Not included.